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PolySyn™ Synthetic Paper

Superior Print Quality, Durability, and Low Cost!

PolySyn synthetic paper polyproplylene film abelsPolySyn™ is a polypropylene film that looks and feels like paper. The film gives it excellent absorption properties. It is chemical resistant and tear-resistant. These characteristics provide a lasting sheet that is ideally suited for screen-printing, letterpress, lithography, or flexography. It also ranks well on thermal transfer, dot matrix and information system usage.

The stability of PolySyn™ is unaffected by moderate temperature ranges and changes in humidity. PolySyn™ is the most ideal substitute for regular wood paper in writing, printing, and packing application, and it reduces the cutting down of natural rainforests.

PolySyn™ contains no toxic chemicals and is 100% RECYCLABLE! No toxic fumes and no toxic byproducts are released upon incineration. It is especially safe for children's toys and games. A matte finish provides protection against scuffing and abrasion. A variety of different caliber and densities are available in sheets or rolls. PolySyn™ is tough and rigid while still retaining its dimensions.

PolySyn™ has finally been made available to the US market, a breakthrough in the paper industry. A unique product that has many uses with no environmental hazard and is recyclable. The exceptional printing surface absorbs ink and offers a superior bonding surface to assure great quality results every time. PolySyn™ does not stretch easily as some other synthetic papers do, so it allows you to down gauge thickness. This means GREATER SAVINGS! PolySyn™ is easily folded, embossed, perforated, laminated, or foil stamped to serve your printing needs.

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