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Rigid PVC Film

Nan Ya Plastics Rigid PVC Film ProductsRigid PVC film is characterized by its transparent nature or bright colors, high tensile strength, chemical resistance, and easy processing. It can be applied in products that are required to resist static electricity, ultraviolet rays, impact, or it can be specially formulated with non-toxic ingredients.
Material for thermoformable packaging
Product Codes: VA, VD, VL, VR, VS
Printing & Lamination material
Product Codes: PG, PL, PT
Material for folded packaging
Product Codes: BB, BF
Printable & Embossable for decorations
Product Codes:  DC, DD, DL
Fruit tray material
Product Codes: FB, FF, FV
Cooling tower baffles & panels
Product Codes: WC, W
Spiral binder & Stationery material
Product Codes: SF, SG, SR, SS
Credit card overlays & Floor tiles
Product Codes: LO, LT
Material for artificial trees
Product Codes: ZC, ZG
Rigid PVC for Box Folding



This film is packaging material for stationary, toys, tools, gifts, and other merchandise. It possesses the specifications necessary for molded products which have deep or shallow draw.

Key Benefits

  • Anti-Static
  • UV resistant
  • High Impact Resistance available
Product Code Application
BB Box Lid
BF Folding Box




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